Bow High School is a high school in Bow, New Hampshire in the United States.

History Edit

Bow High School was established in 1997, before which time high school students from Bow went to Concord. In 1993 the Concord School District told Bow they could no longer send Bow students to Concord High after the 1996-1997 school year. Immediately Bow started to make plans for a high school of their own. The school was built and now sits on the shores of Turee Pond. It is designed to hold 600 students; however, the current enrollment is 612. The school cost $16 million dollars. The school has a 600-seat auditorium, an 800 seat gym, a video production facility and state of the art technology. Principal George Edwards, the first principal at Bow High School, resigned in 2006. He was replaced by current Principal John House-Myers.

Classes Edit

Classes at Bow High School are leveled in a heterogeneous manner. Each student at BHS is required to take two science classes, although the majority of students take more than that. Students are required to graduate with three B.E.S.T classes (gym). Students are also required to take a freshmen humanities class, a sophomore American studies class, a junior world studies class, and seniors are required to take senior seminar, which is a class that directs them through their senior project. AP classes are also offered to upperclassmen.

In addition, many art and elective classes are offered at Bow, including a course in guitar taught by well-known local musician Paul Bourgelais.

Graduation credit requirements Edit

Graduation Requirements for Classes 2007-2010

Humanities - 8 credits

Math, Science, Technology, and Business - 8 credits

B.E.S.T - 3 credits

Electives - 5 credits

Athletics Edit

Jim Kaufman is Bow School District's Athletic Administrator. Bow offers many sports and has won 25 state championships.

Varsity and Junior Varsity Programs offeredEdit

Field Hockey, Soccer, Cross Country, Football Spirit, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Spirit, Gymnastics, Swimming, Indoor Track, Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Tennis, Lacrosse.

Performing Arts Edit

The Bow POPs is an organization in Bow that promotes the performing arts program.


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