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Peter Kay? Bolton Wanderers? Everyone knows about the fame and glory. What you probably don't know is about the schools in Bolton, especially Harper Green in Farnworth. There is actually a Harper Green Website but this is my version:

Are you a sports kind of person? I don't know much about anywhere else in the world but Harper Green in Farnworth, Bolton has a great leisure centre. Probably the best of the facilities would be the trampolines. I live on the trampoline. I've used them every week since Year 8 (13 yrs) and it has paid off. The teachers here are pretty much experts and you can learn from swivel hips to front somersaults and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!

Apart from trampolining there are netball courts, football fields, an astroturf, the lot and there's so many sports you can play, at dinnertime or afterschool, there are even sessions at night which are supervised and safe so no need to worry your parents!

In PE (Physical Education) we're doing Dance at the moment - which is basically a CD player and freezing in a gym. We're looking forward to karate after the half-term holidays though! Karate chop and upper cut - we're hoping for a little bit more action than dancing to "Song for Lovers" in the cold!

Don't get me started on doing PE outdoors. Too late. In winter they drag us out in the freezing rain, sleet, snow, what the heck? So we drag ourselves outside in four layers of clothing clutching a hockey stick and soaking wet. And that's nothing compared to how you look after the lesson! After one and a half hours in the net, getting battered by hockey balls, which might as well be chunks of rock, we're caked in mud and EXHAUSTED! The same goes for cross country and sprinting. You're out of breath and filthy at the end of it and everyone dreads doing it again, except the speedy gonzales.

We hold football tournaments in the Sports Hall too - not that I know a thing about football! I have actually won a trophy for it in primary school however, in a tournament that took place in Harper Green. Cherry Tree won!!!!! Got a trophy for standing around and tripping over the ball! Who wouldn't celebrate?

Feel free to add your comments! Please tell me about your schools and sports facilities!!!!!

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