In a world of their own. Edit

Little Lever used to be a village of its own. It used to have its own council and police station and even its own canal system and train station.The village is twinned with Le Mans in France and Paderborn in Germany. In the actaul village there are lots of things. It has lots of pubs, quite a few primary schools, churches, a library and some shops. There are regular buses that go from the village to and from Bolton town centre. Then from Bolton town centre you can get buses to places like Manchester or any other places you want to go. I use the buses quite regularly, to go to town or the cinemas or wherever, I find that they are quite reliable.

Little Lever High School Edit

Little Lever has its own secondary school including a language college. More detail on separate page.

Little lever school also has a sports hall which can be used (rented out) out of school hours aswell. The school is a language college. All pupils study at least two languages. Also adults can go to language evening classes for free !

Our school has many helpful and polite teachers and students. Our teachers all have different qualities and can teach in more than one field area. There are a variety of subjects taught in our school including lots of extra-curricculam activities such as:

File:Picture 2.png

20th/18th Scout Group Edit

Little Lever has its own Scout group, it also has an explorer unit, with the following members; Kirsty, Sara, Jo, Stu, Danni, Danny and me (Catherine). It is so much fun if you want to find out more on joining a scout group go to this website. The scouts and explorers have the following leaders: Malc, Phil, Paul and Bev. The scouts are now planning a night hike for the first weekend of march. Template:Stub

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