Region 18 Education Service Center is one of the twenty service centers in the state of Texas. Region 18's geographic area is the largest in the state, covering over 37,000 square miles, including a tremendous variety, from mountains to plains, from ranches and cotton fields, to oilfields and refineries. Region 18 includes 19 counties, 33 school districts, over 6,000 educators and approximately 81,000 students. The Region 18 ESC team prides ourselves in being as diverse, unique, and friendly as the region we serve.||

Region 18 is a non-regulatory agency. We serve as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the local schools, playing a crucial role in the dissemination of information and training for both federal and state programs. We collaborate with our schools and communities to promote quality instruction in order to maximize student performance and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations.||

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Our mission is to serve as a first-choice partner in meeting the educational needs of all students. We provide professional development, showcase best practices, operate an alternative teacher certification program, and offer a diverse variety of other programs and services. EDLink18 unites our schools through a technological network of services. The Components of Administration and Support, Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, Information Systems, and Special Populations organize and coordinate our services to clients.||