Smithills School As An Arts College!

There are many things that have changed since the arrival of a new logo to our letters, some good some bad. The best thing, of course is the money! We now have a new drama studio, a new dance studio and many improvements to our music department.

  • We're still world champions when it comes to our Brass Band! (My friends are part of the BAND so I'll be nice)But now we have state of the art computers and programs in the music rooms.

  • Drama and Dance have had a nice boost, if you had watched our nights of Drama and Dance you would have easily realised this. We have many dance clubs to suit most tastes. And the drama department are putting on a Performance!

  • I am now going to tell you about 'Our Day Out' a performance by Smithills School. You may have already realised that I am part of the cast. I can proudly say I am Bored Girl 2! We are working are socks off to make this Musical fantastic! Yes it does say musical we are going to sing and no I'm sure the windows will not break.

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