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Superior, Wisconsin:Seasons, Superior, Wisconsin:Music/Clothes, Superior, Wisconsin:Typical_Day, Superior, Wisconsin:Sports/Pets/Technology

Superior, Wisconsin. Edit

File:Ohara ABB1la.jpg
The Blatnik Bridge between Duluth and Superior. Photo courtesy of Dennis O'Hara at Northern Images

Interesting sites in Superior, Wisconsin. Edit

They are Lake Superior, the Firehouse, Fairlawn Mansion, and the Bong Memorial. Lake Superior is the biggest lake. It is the freshest water lake, also. Lake Superior is located between the United States and Canada. It is one of the five Great Lakes.

The Firehouse has the firemen’s suits. They weigh about 80 pounds. They also have old wagons that were pulled by horses. They have special tools like an axe and a hammer. The museum has lots of interesting items.

The Fairlawn Mansion is a huge mansion located by Lake Superior. The Fairlawn Mansion gives tours. It has over 100 rooms. The Fairlawn Mansion has interesting architecture of that time period.

The Bong Memorial Museum is also located in Superior, WI. Richard I. Bong shot down 40 planes in World War II. He was born and grew up in Poplar WI. He was an ace war hero. Superior, WI has a museum with a lot of World War II items and is dedicated to our hometown war hero.

Brief History of Superior, Wisconsin. Edit

Superior was founded in 1854. Superior was founded by 19 men called ‘The Proprietors of Superior, WI.' The Bong Memorial is in Superior, WI. It is named after Richard I. Bong. Bong fought in WW II. In June, 1852, Superior was surveyed. Wisconsin was admitted to the union in 1848. The most important land project was the building of the Soo Lock, in 1853. The Soo Lock opened and people could pass in and out of the Superior Harbor. For many years, Superior was a trading post for fur traders and Indians.

In 1853, selections for a superior Town site began. Superior was promoted by two newspaper reporters from Maryland. Superior, was in a key position the opening of the Northwest. It won the first settlement on the west end of Lake Superior.

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