Hey! we're Sophie and Dazmash, and were going to tell you a lil' bit about TURTON!!! If you've just looked at the Turton website you may think that its a lil' bit borin'! BUT!!(and i say that in capitel letters) you havn't heard it from our point of view. We love school......ish. As you can probably tell we are students at Turton High School Media Arts College (T:MAC for short)and we specialise in the media arts, we even have our own TV studio!! We're moving on with technology big time! At Turton we have five lessons each lasting an hour. But we only have 30 minutes for dinner! its not really very long as other schools around Bolton have at least an hour. We're currently in year 10 and so we're preparing for our GCSE's by doing A LOT of coursework, this all counts towards our final grade. Hang on a minute this was meant to be like a fun blog thing, but its turning into a school lesson! oh well! what can ya do?! We'd love to hear about your schools because they all sound really fun so post a comment or edit the page and add a paragraph about your school but make sure you put a title at the top to say which country and school your from! please and thanks? (always remember your p's and Q's!!) ta very much!! sophie n dazmash!!

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